Audikast - Guide - Use the Audikast with PC


Keywords: Audikast, 418, TC418, PC, laptop


The Audikast supports COMPUTER USB AUDIO INPUT which produces much better DIGITAL audio quality comparing to standard ANALOG audio.

Step 1. Connect the Audikast to PC/laptop via the included Micro USB power/data cable.


Note: Use the included Micro USB cable, otherwise, ensure the USB cable supports both data syncing and power capability.

Step 2: Pair and connect the Audikast with your headphones/speakers( refer to Use Manual).


Now, you should be able to hear sound from headphones, if no sound: Right-click speaker icon on the bottom-right of the PC/laptop screen and select “Playback devices”, set “Avantree Audikast” as “Default Devices”. 





Note: For the Skype call, please set “Avantree Audikast” as Microphone and Speaker device in audio settings.


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