TWS320 - Guide - Pair and connect (Stereo mode)


Keywords: TWS320, true wireless, connect, pair, stereo, phone

  1. From off state, press and hold the MFB on RIGHT earbud about 5s, until LED flashes RED and BLUE
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your device and select “Avantree TWS320R” to connect. Once connected, LED will flash BLUE You will hear a voice prompt “Connected” from the Right earbud.
  3. Press and hold MFB on the LEFT earbud for about 2s to turn it on. It will auto-connect to the RIGHT earbud. You will hear a voice prompt “Connected” from the Left earbud and “Second device connected” from the Right earbud. Then “Left channel” and “Right channel” voice prompt from the relevant earbud.
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