Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - working with two devices


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Oasis Plus supports two links with MOST* Bluetooth headphones and SOME* Bluetooth speakers on the market. Here is a step by step guide

1. Pair the first  device

(1) Oasis Plus set up 

  • Power up Oasis Plus – plug the USB cable into TV USB or USB power adapter (5V, 500mA-2A).
  • Connect suitable audio cable(optical/ 3.5mm/RCA) from audio source (e.g. TV) to Oasis Plus
  • Slide Mode switch to the "TX" position.
  • Slide LL/HD switch to “LL” or “HD priority” position.

NOTE: As Oasis Plus doesn't support dual link aptx HD, suggest to switch to "LL" postion to get stable connections in case they are cut off when dual link.

(2) Pairing - Pair the Oasis Plus with your Bluetooth audio device

  • Hold button for 2s – “TX” LED will alternately flash GREEN and WHITE quickly.
  • Set your headsets/speakers to pairing mode (please refer to your user manual). Usually it will flash quickly when pairing. set an samle as below:-


  • Keep them close together and wait. Once connected, the “TX” LED will stop flashing and A will light up.


  • Enjoy the audio.



2.  Pair the second Device

  • Press  button for 2 seconds on Oasis Plus to set it into pairing mode again, TX LED flash GREEN / WHITE alternately fast.
  •  Set the second device into pairing mode (please refer to your user manual). Usually it will flash quickly when pairing. 

Waiting for 10-20 seconds, after connected, you will see LEDs A and B are both on.




1. If it is difficult to pair the second device or cut off after connected the second device. please try to use below solution.

1). Clear pairing history of three devices

2). Please turn off the first paired device and turn on after the second one connected.

3).  For dual link two aptX-HD products. Oasis Plus doesn't support aptx-HD when dual link. So suggest to switch Oasis Plus to LL priority when dual link two aptX-HD products if difficult to pair.

2. If second device is connected but no sound, you can try to change the reconnect order. For example, turn off both devices, then turn on the second paired device first, then turn on the first paired device.


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