ANC031 - Guide - Use with PC


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1. Set ANC031 enter into PAIRING MODE -  

From OFF status, hold POWER Button for 5 seconds till the LED indicator blinks RED and BLUE alternately.

2. Turn on Bluetooth on your PC if it's not on already. To do this, on the taskbar, select action center > Bluetooth.

3. In action center, select Connect  > Avantree ANC031


* Use with Non-Bluetooth-enabled PC - 

You will need to get a Bluetooth transmitter to work with your headphone -

  1. if your PC is not Bluetooth-enabled
  2. if your PC is Bluetooth-enabled, but you prefer no audio delay (Please use Avantree Leaf)

Use with Avantree DG40S >> DG40S User Guide & FAQ

Use with Avantree Leaf>> Leaf (DG50) User Guide & FAQ


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