CK11 - Troubleshooting - The other side can't hear clearly


Keywords: CK11, No sound, noisy sound, the other side can't hear me

Please note that CK11 is only recommended for cars, not for trucks; and please make sure that your car window is closed. The microphone is in the front face of the car kit, please also make sure that the car kit is well installed on the sun visor.

1. When your phone's signal is not so well, it will affect your conversation quality. If this situation happened sometimes or always? 

2. If there're electronics interference, the conversation will become unstable. Are you at some special places, such as cross road with traffic light or airport? 

For 1 and 2, can you make 2/3 calls at a place with good signal?

3. It also might be the reason of unstable connection, please try to reset and re-pair the car kit:


If you exclude the above possibility, email to and tell us your phone model so we can test and find the problem for you.


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