CK11 - Troubleshooting - Always says "Power on / Power off"


The car kit will automatically "Power off' if it does not connect to any device for a period of time, as below*. It will automatically "Power On" when detect motion. So if your phone is not connected to the car kit when you get into the car for some reason, e.g. your phone Bluetooth is off, it might keep saying "Power On / Power Off", which could be quite annoying. 

The way to fix this is actually very simple. Make sure you hear the car kit says "Connected, Ready for use" when you get onto the car. If not, Click the volume knob down once and it should say "Connected". If still not, switch the On / Off button once and it should say "connected" This will fix the problem.

However, we do realize this is not idea and did some software upgrade in the latest version. Feel free to email if you want to exchange for the latest version to avoid this issue completely.   

* 2min - for lot No. BEFORE 18J3,18J4,18L1,18L2,18L3

* 70min - for lot No.18J3,18J4,18L1,18L2,18L3

Or the car kit does not say "Power on / off". It actually says "Connected / Disconnected"?

If not, please check below:

If this does not solve the problem, pls contact for further assistant. 

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