Oasis Plus- DFU - v10 -Dual link two devices with Faststream code have noise


Do NOT upgrade unless you are told to by Avantree support to do so.

This firmware upgrade version can solve below problem:-

Oasis Plus works as Bluetooth transmitter, digital optical connects to your TV/PC,  dual link two Bluetooth headphones of CSR8635 Faststream code(Like Avantree 063), then you may hear noise from the headphones,we improve this from Lot 18H1.

Here is a step by step guide:

Step 1. Please download and install below app to your computer :-


Step 2. Please download below file to your computer and remember your saved path:-


 Step 3. Open the doc file and follow the instruction step by step:-

http://www.avantronics.com/software-driver/Oasis Plus DFU V10 instruction.docx

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