NB16 - Troubleshooting - No sound


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No sound with PC?

  1.  Set Avantree NB16 as the default device or output device on the PC.
  2.  When using NB16 to make VOIP calls through apps, please set NB16 Hands-Free as Microphone and Speakers device.

How to set Avantree headphones as default playback and recording device?

No sound with Bluetooth transmitter to watching TV?

  1.  Check audio source is properly
    • AUX & RCA output on TV – tested by wired headphones
    • OPT output on TV – Set audio format to “PCM/LPCM” or turn off Dolby/DTS
  2. Change your TV audio out setting to External speakers /Headset.
  3. Ensure Bluetooth transmitter and headphones are connected properly.

The following no sound FAQs with Avantree transmitters are for your reference:

No sound with mobile phone?

Make sure Avantree NB16 is “Connected” on the Bluetooth list of your mobile device. LED indicator will flash Blue once every 5 seconds.

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