Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones - Use with PS4 Controller / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One Controller


THANKS for choosing Avantree Products! Please DO NOT worry when any problems encountered during you use them because the device comes with 24 months warranty!  


1- Avantree Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones can be ONLY use as " Wired Mode" headphones with PS4 Controller or Nintendo Switch.

2- The built-in microphone and control ONLY works when connected in "Bluetooth mode".

* If you want to use Avantree Over-ear headphones in "Bluetooth Mode" with PS4/Nintendo (Except Xbox) and take its advantage of "no audio delay" feature (except Audition) please choose the Bluetooth USB adapter - Avantree Leaf 


-Use with PS4 controller- 

Please plug headphones into PS4 controller headphones jack via the provided 3.5mm audio cable. 



-Use with Nintendo Switch- 

Please plug headphones into Nintendo Switch headphones jack via the provided 3.5mm audio cable. 



-Use with Xbox One controller- 

a) Xbox One controller with headphones jack

Please plug headphones into Xbox One headphones jack via the provided 3.5mm audio cable. 




b) xbox one controller without headphones jack

Just plug the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter into your controller firstly and then connect the headset.



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