Apico / AH8M - Troubleshooting - Can't pair / connect with my device


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I can't pair it with my phone/tablet

1. Most likely it's because your earbud isn't staying in pairing mode. If the device isn't in pairing mode please press the MFB button for 3-5s until the LED flahses RED and BLUE alternately.


2. Many Bluetooth devices (including this one) automatically enter pairing mode the first time you turn them on. Thereafter if you want to pair it with a new device you need to manually enter its pairing mode.

Note: If pairing fails, please try to clear its pairing history, then try to pair them again.

It's in pairing mode, but my phone can't find it

1. Switch the Bluetooth function of your phone off, then turn on again. This will refresh the device list and you should see it now. 

2. For some Android devices, please click the search button to start searching.


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