HS063 - Troubleshooting - Can't turn on


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When you found your HS063 seems not working / can't be powered on please help us to double check the following steps to troubleshooting - or you can refer  HS063 - Troubleshooting - Charging Issue / Can't Hold Charge

1) Please ensure the USB charging cable works fine 

2) Please fully recharged the headphones by around 3hours (the LED indicator will turn to RED when charging and turn off when charging complete)  

>> After completed all the above three steps, we can confirm the built-in battery of HS063 is fine. 

3) Please long press the very middle of the power button for 3-4 seconds to power on the headphones/ for 5 seconds to set the headphones into pairing mode. 

* NOTE:  Please ensure you hold the "very middle" of the power button to turn on the headphones or set the headphones into pairing mode .  

If your headphones still not work after the above troubleshooting please feel free to let me know- contact support@avantree.com we'll arrange you a free replacement. 

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