HT280 - Troubleshooting - Cannot charge the headphone


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The most FREQUENT causes of failing to charge the headphone are:


1. Headphone is NOT correctly placed on the charging dock. Once the headphone is correctly placed on the charging dock, CHARGE LED on charging dock shall light up GREEN.


2. The transmitter/charging dock contact pins and/or the headphone’s contact points need cleaning. Clean them with a dry cotton swab.

3. Ensure the AC adapter is connected properly to the charging dock and the charging dock is TURNED ON, indicators are: POWER LED on charging dock flashes BLUE for about 10 seconds,
then stay SOLID BLUE

4. Change the rechargeable batteries(2 of them) in the right side of the speaker - Batteries can only be replaced with original Avantree HT280 batteries. Any other rechargeable batteries will not work. If batteries need to be replaced please contact .


If all these steps did not help, please contact us at We can help you from there.



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    Christmas gift. Plug in, turn on, blue lite on. After few seconds blue goes out and green comes on.then red lite on. Then green goes off and red blinks. Checked headset, power on, red light. .??

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    Lily Xia

    Ashaw: If you switch off the tower, turn off your headphone. Then hold the power button of headphones power button till you see yellow-greenish light flashing, now, turn on your tower by switch the power button to on, wait for couple of second, the headphones light will turn solid yellowish green, and the light on the tower will be solid blue. Now the tower and your headphones is connected.