Oasis Plus - Guide - How to switch between AUX and Optical audio?


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Scenario 1) Oasis Plus setup as a Bluetooth transmitter (TX), connected to two different audio sources, one via AUX IN connection, the other via optical IN. How do I switch between the two?

The AUX input is set as the default source - if a 3.5mm audio cable is plugged in the Oasis Plus will always select AUX by default.

To select the Optical input source please unplug the AUX audio cable.

Scenario 2) Oasis Plus setup as a Bluetooth transmitter and also as a bypass (cable connection).

In this case the Oasis Plus can support both AUX and optical inputs simultaneously.

For example:

Bypass: TV optical connection OUT -> Oasis Plus-> soundbar optical IN

Bluetooth: PC AUX OUT -> Oasis Plus-> Bluetooth connection to BT headphones

With this setup you can hear TV sound from the soundbar and the PC audio from the BT headphones simultaneously. There's no need to switch.

Scenario 3) Oasis Plus set up as a Bluetooth receiver (RX) connected to two different audio output devices, one via AUX OUT connection, the other via optical OUT.

In this case both the AUX and optical audio output ports will always be active.

You can hear audio from both the AUX and the Optical ports simultaneously.









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