HT280 - Guide - Add a 2nd pair of headphone


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If you want to add a 2nd pair of headphone to HT280 and share TV/movies/music with your family/friend, you can only use the RF headphone coming with HT280, any other Bluetooth headphone/RF headphone will not work. 

If you have two sets of HT280, then you just need to manually pair and connect the 2nd headphones to the first transmitter. Following below instructions pls:

Step 1, Ensure the 2nd transmitter is OFF.

Step 2, Turn on the 1st set of HT280 (switch on the 1st transmitter,and click the power button of the 1st headphones), the transmitter and headphones should auto connect to each other. (solid yellow green light on the first headphone

Step 2, Turn off 1st transmitter - Slide ON/OFF switch to "OFF" position.

Step 3, Turn off the first headphone.

Step 4, (The second headphone should be power off at this point)Press and hold power button on 2nd headset for 5 seconds until YELLOW-GREEN indicator flashes.

Step 5, Turn on 1st transmitter - Slide "ON/OFF" button to "ON" position. Transmitter will enter pairing mode and POWER indicator on transmitter will rapidly flash BLUE.

Step 6, Wait for 2nd headphones to connect to the 1st transmitter. Once connected, RED LED indicator on headset will turn YELLOW - GREEN.

Now, two headphones are both connected to the 1st transmitter. 





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