HS063 - Troubleshooting - Reconnection issue (use with Audikast/ PrivaIII)


Key words: HS063, 063, re-connection issue


1) Please turn on the transmitter first 

2) Then turn on the headphones (normally, turn on, wait for 2-5s, the headphones will re-connect to the last paired device automatically) 

3)If the headphones didn't re-connect successfully, please try to press the power button once to activate auto-reconnect function. 


If you found the above tips doesn't work -- 

Please try the following steps- 

> Please reset the PrivaIII / Audikast

> Please reset the headphones 

Then re-pair the headphones, please ensure the PrivaIII / Audikast connect with the two headphones only.

> Reconnection knowledge of PrivaIII / Audikast

If the above solution is helpless please contact  support@avantree.com for help! 

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