Audikast - Troubleshooting - Cannot recognize Audikast while use with MAC


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Cause 1 : The USB cable connecting Audikast to the MAC does not have data syncing capability.

Solution: Ensure use the USB cable that have both charging and data syncing capability, recommend use the USB cable coming with the Audikast.


Cause 2: MAC only recognize Audikast as keyboard but not audio adapter


Step 1, Once Audikast is plugged into MAC via USB port, below window will pop out, click button “Continue”:



Step 2, Below window will pop out



Press “shift”+”down” button on your keyboard:



Step 3, Below window pop out and click “Skip” 



Step 4, Below window pop out, select the proper keyboard and click done.



Step 5, Now you should find “Avantree Audikast” on your MAC “Speaker” setting, set “ Avantree Audikast” as the the default device.

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