ANC032 - Troubleshooting - Can't work / Bad sound quality in wired mode


Keywords: ANC032,032,AUX, wired, can't work, bad sound quality

Due to the product special design - 

For Product LOT NO. 17L1, 18D1, 18F1, 18F2 : Please recharge the headphones for 10-20mins (ensure and remain a certain amount of battery level of ANC032) when you found the sound quality is bad or can't work in wired mode.

For Product LOT NO. 18H1, 18J1, 18J2, 18L1,: Please switch off ANC if the battery is drained, otherwise there may be no sound in wired mode. 

You can find the product Lot Number within a box on the headband - 

If you found the above troubleshooting doesn't work please feel free to contact

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