ANC041 - Troubleshooting - Bluetooth Not working (after connected)


Thanks so much for choosing Avantree : )Please don't worry if you have any problems in using the headphones since they come with warranty. 

Case -  Headphones ANC041 are connected to Bluetooth device (phone/ PC) via Bluetooth, then you found the music stops playing, but actually the Bluetooth device (phone/PC)  shows it playing, nothing out of the headphones.

Knowledge - Actually, frankly speaking, the Bluetooth system crash occurs occasionally is not a quite big deal since it can be "fixed" after re-charge (just like sometimes your smart phone/ PC crash down). However, that is abnormal if the headphones always crash down,  or the  troubleshooting solution methods are useless for the headphones..

Q1- How often do you found this issue? 

- Please try the following steps if you encounter this issue again - 

1) Deactivate Bluetooth function on your phone for more than 20mins then reboot the device, headphones will power off automatically after Bluetooth signal lose for 10mins. 

2) Recharge your headphones for no less than 30mins (recharge for re-position)
3) Reset your headphones as following 2 steps- 

  • From headphones power off status, long press the Bluetooth button for 5s to set the headphones into paring mode - the LED blinks red and blue alternately. 
  • in pairing mode, double press Bluetooth button, you'll see the LED blinks purple 2s, then the headphones enter into pairing mode automatically. Please reconnect the headphones to your BT device.

Q2 - So, what's your headphones situation now? the above steps work?

If the above troubleshooting doesn't work please provide your order number and the answer of Q1 to contact 

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