TWS105 - Troubleshooting - One side sound / no sound


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No sound from one earbud

It is because the RIGHT(Slave) earbud failed to reconnect with the LEFT(Master).

- Please turn both earbuds off - putting into the charging case

- Then turn them on again - remove from the charging case and short press MFB once. They should reconnect to each other.

- If still fails, please connect them manually – when they are powered on, double click their MFBs. LED will flash WHITE once every 2s.



No sound from BOTH earbuds

It is because you have not connected the earbuds with your device successfully.

- Please check if it is indicated as "Connected" on your device. Also if your earbud looks like the picture bellow: If the earbuds' LEd light flashing just like the pisture bellow, it means it is "Connected"  


- If not, please turn off both earbuds, and try to connect again.

TWS105 - Guide - Connect to a mobile device

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