TWS105 - Troubleshooting - Earbuds can't charge


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When you put the earbuds into the charging case, they should power off and begin charging. When charging, LED on the charging case lights on RED. When the earbuds are fully charged, you will see blue lights.


If not, please check

1.Do you have ripped off the sticker showed on the picture on your earbuds?

If no,please rip off the sticker on the earbuds and try again. 

2.Does your charging case working properly?

Please check if the pin of the charging case can touch the earbuds or not?  If it is broken,pls let us know.

3.Do you have placed the earbuds in the case incorrectly?

Remove and place the earbuds in the case until it magnetically snaps into place again.

4.Is the charging case out of battery?

Sometimes you may miss the low battery LED indication from the charging case. So the earbuds will not power off even after you put them in the charging case if the case is already out of battery. Please:

1. Use a DC 5V / 0.5-2A USB wall charger / car charger / computer USB port with the included micro USB cable to charge for about 5-10 mins.

2. Take out the earbuds and put into the case again to activate charging.


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