Ego - Guide - Status LED indicator


Keywords: AH58, Ego, LED indicator, LED status, LED, Blue LED, Red LED

All the LED indicators show as follows:

Speakerphone Status LED Indicator Image
Power on Blue LED on 3 seconds Power-on.gif
Power off Red LED on 2 seconds Power-off.gif
Pairing The red and blue LED flash alternate Pairing.gif
Connected Blue LED flash once every 10 seconds Connected.gif
Blue LED flash twice every 10 seconds Standby.gif
Low battery Red LED flash every 10 seconds Low-battery.gif
Charging(Via Headset) Red LED steady on ____.jpg
Charging complete(Via Headset) Blue LED steady on ____.jpg
Charging(Via Dock) Red LED steady on  ____1.jpg
Charging complete(Via Dock) Red LED off  ___.gif
Clear pairing history Red and Blue Flash together _____.jpg
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