TWS110 - Troubleshooting - Can't pair with my device


Keywords: TWS110, true wireless, pairing, not pair, not connect

1. Put earbuds back into the case. 

2. Delete Avantree TWS110 from your bluetooth device list on your phone,tablet,etc.

3. Turn the device's(cell phone,tablet,etc) bluetooth function off, then turn it back on again. (this step will solve software mess up)

4. Take the right earbud first then The left earbud out of the case, Wait for the right earbud go into pairing mode (flashing red and white alternately.)

5. Wait for the device and the right earbud to connect again.


If not, pls check below guide for resetting and try to reconnect again. 


If failed, pls send an email to for further assistant. 

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