TWS110 - Guide - Basic Operations




Power On

Take out from charging case (right earbud first, then left earbud, Do not click on anything, the right earbud will automatically connect to the left earbud also entering pairing mode by itself. After the first time, for second time and onward, just taking out them out of the box, right earbud first, then the  left. They will automatically connect to the last device they connected to.No pairing needed)

OR short press  about 1s, LED light will illuminate WHITE about 1s

Power Off

Put the earbuds back into the charging case and they will power off and begin charging. (preferred way, not to mess up with auto pairing the next time)

Or long press  for about 5s, LED light will illuminate RED for about 2s, then turn off.


Once taking out of the charging box, they will connect with each other automatically and RIGHT earbud will enter pairing mode by itself. The LED (on the right earbud) will flash WHITE and RED alternately. (Just use your phone or computer to search for blue tooth device, you will see Avantree TWS110 pops up, click on it, wait for them to connect to each other. Then you can listen to music or anything you want.)

Play / Pause

Click  once (click on either left or right button will do, one click will pause, next click will resume.)

Volume Up / Down

Click the  in the RIGHT / LEFT earbud (right earbud will turn up the volume, left earbud will turn down the volume.)

Previous / Next Track

Long press the  in the LEFT / RIGHT earbud ( right earbud button will get you to the next track, left earbud button will get you to the previous track)  

Answer / End A Call

Click  once (one click on either right or left earbud will do, first click will answer the call, second click will end the call.)

Active Voice Assistant

Long press about 1s then release (press on either right or left button will do the same thing)


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