TWS110 - Guide - Status LED indicator


Earbuds LED indication:

Earbuds status LED indicator

Power on

LED lights on (WHITE) about 1s

Power off

LED lights on (RED), then turn off

Ready to pair

LED flashes WHITE and RED alternately


LED lights on both earbuds will be off

Not connected with phone

Right earbud's LED flashes WHITE and RED alternately (Left earbud LED's light is off)

Earbuds Not connected with each other

LED on the left earbud flashes WHITE rapidly then slow down to once every 5s


Both earbuds LED lights will be RED

Fully charged

 Both earbuds LED lights are off 



Charging case LED indication:

Charging case status LED indicator
Low battery Please connect to power source using micro USB cable. The 25% LED flashes WHITE. (When you plug in the power source using the Micro USB cable )
Charging LED will flash WHITE based on the battery level (When you plug in the power source using micro USB cable)
Fully charged All the LEDs will turn off (If the Micro USB cable plugged in, you will see all 4 white LED lights on the box light up as solid white)


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