ANC031 - Troubleshooting - Not satisfied with ANC performance


Key words: ANC, ANC function, ANC performance


1, ANC function can ONLY reduce the noise of low frequency noises in the range of 20HZ-800HZ. Also, although the consistent Low Frequency ambient noise can be reduced effectively, the noises can NOT be canceled completely.

2, The noise canceling effect may not be pronounced in a very quiet environment, or some noise may be heard.

3, Due to this unique feature some frequency bands sound quality may be affected relatively.

4, ANC031 is a cost-effective entry level ANC headphone with up to 22dB noise cancellation performance. We also have other models of ANC headphones with better ANC performance - ANC041 (up to 37dB ANC performance - $99.99).

Here are two options –

Option1 - Please let us know (contact if you’d like to pay the difference and change other ANC headphones. 

Option2 – If you really don’t want to change other models please contact .

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