Oasis Plus - Guide - How to control volume


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Oasis Plus supports AVRCP V1.4 (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile), Version1.4 is published in 2008, at present most devices in the market shall use the V1.4 technology already. Thus Oasis Plus can adjust volume for most devices. See below details.

1. Work as a Transmitter,connects to Bluetooth headphones/speakers/ receiver

1) If your Bluetooth devices supports AVRCP v1.4, then you can control volume by short pressing Oasis Plus +/- button or on your devices.

2) If your Bluetooth devices does not support AVRCP v1.4, then you can control volume on your devices.

2. Work as a receiver,connects to Bluetooth cellphone/PC

You can control volume on cellphone/PC or Oasis Plus(by short pressing +/- button)

3. Work as bypass(wired connection ), connects to your TV and soundbar

You can control volume on TV or soundbar, you can not adjust volume on Oasis Plus.



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