TWS109 - Guide - Reset / clear pairing history / restore


If the earbuds exhibit abnormal behavior, e.g. sound cutting in & out, very short range, static noise, touch control not responding, etc., please do the following.

Purchased in / after August, 2018 (Batch No. 18B1)

  • From its OFF state, press & hold on RIGHT earbud for 5s until the LED flashes RED & BLUE alternately.
  • Double click and the LED will light on RED & BLUE simultaneously (looks PINK) for about 2s. After a successful reset it will automatically enter pairing mode. 

Purchased before August, 2018 (Batch No. 17F1)

When charging, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the LED flashes RED and BLUE simultaneously once (like PINK); then it will power off automatically.

After reset successfuly, please follow below to connect again:

  1. Delect / forget any information about TWS109 on the Bluetooth list.
  2. Then try to connect your phone again.


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