TWS110 - Troubleshooting - Earbuds won't charge


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When you put the earbuds into the charging case, both LED lights will be solid RED.

 If not, please check

Did you place the earbuds in the case incorrectly?

Take both earbuds out and place them snugly back into the case. (you will feel a click, like something snapped into the right place. another tip is the rubber tips of the earbud will point outward, ex:right earbud's rubber tip will point to the right, the left earbud's rubber tip will point to the left.)  

Is the charging case out of battery?

The earbuds will not power off even after you put them in the charging case if the case is already out of battery.

To check the battery level of the case, please plug in the included Micro USB cable. If the 25% LED flashes white, you should recharge the charging case (takes about 2.5 hours for the case to be fully charged. When the box is fully charged, All 4 LED lights on the box will be solid white).

1. Use the Micro USB cable to connect the case to  a DC 5V / 0.5-2A USB wall charger / car charger / computer USB port to charge.

2. Take out the earbuds and put into the case again to activate charging.

The fully charged earbuds can last up to 4 hours, while a fully charged case can charge the earbuds 5-6 times, providing up to an additional 24 hours of play time.

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