HT4189 - Video User Guide - Add a 2nd headphone


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Important note 1: 

How to get your 2nd headphones into Bluetooth PAIRING MODE - please refer to your 2nd headphones’ user manual). E.g. If your 2nd headphones are also from Avantree, like AS9S that included in the HT4189, pls enter it into Bluetooth PAIRING MODE -from its OFF state, press and hold the MFB for 5 seconds until the LED flashes RED and BLUE alternately, and you hear “Pairing” from the headphones.


Important note 2:

How to reconnect - Next time, pls turn on transmitter and A headphones (in HT4189 set, A is always represent the AS9S headphones included), and wait for A headphones to work first (both transmitter and A headphones's LED are solid blue). Then turn on B headphones and click the main button on the B headphone once and wait for it to reconnect to the transmitter. Now both headphones should work.


Important note 3:

How to achieve no audio delay - your 2nd pair of headphones MUST also support FastStream codec with less than 40ms latency, otherwise BOTH headphones will work using SBC codec with about 200ms latency.

For headphones support FastStream codec, you may consider one of the following -

  • Avanrtree Audition/AS9,
  • Avanrtree HS063,
  • Avantree ANC031,
  • Avantree ANC032


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