HT4189 - Troubleshooting - One side sound


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Before getting into it, take a look at this VIDEO GUIDE, and make sure you connect the transmitter to the correct audio output on your TV. If it still can't work, please follow the steps below and let us figure out what exactly is wrong: 


1. If you using AUX/RCA, please wire headphone up to TV's audio out port and turn on TV to listen, can you hear sound from both sides? 

If YES, go to 2.

2. Is the audio cable connecting the transmitter and your TV/audio source is FULLY plugged at BOTH ends?

If YES, go to 3.

3. If you try to wiggle the audio cable or unplug and plug the audio cable, will the sound back to stereo sometimes?

If NOT, go to 4.

If YES, pls try another audio cable. If it works by another cable, then it is faulty cable issue. If it still not working, go to 4.

4. If you power the transmitter by TV USB port, pls try to power it by a separate phone/wall charger, does it work?

If NOT, go to 5

5. Plug and unplug the audio cable to the aux/3.5mm port on headphone 2-3 times, does it work?

If NOT, pls contact for replacement.


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  • Avatar
    Marianna Stewart

    Step 2 "Plug and unplug the audio cable to the aux/3.5mm port on headphone 2-3 times."?? Cable on headphones with Bluetooth connection?

  • Avatar
    Kit Carson Sr

    Still no sound out of left side.

  • Avatar
    steven lowrie

    and still no sound left side for me either!