HT4189 - Comparison - AS9S (headphones in HT4189) vs. Audition pro


Keywords: HT4189, 4189, Audikast, AS9S, Audition Pro

The Bluetooth transmitter is the Audikast and the Bluetooth headphones are the AS9S.

You can use the Audikast with other Bluetooth headsets but you may find some differences in the performance when compared to the AS9S. As an example here are some differences between the AS9S and our Avantree Audition Pro headphone:

  1. When used with the Audikast, the Audition Pro uses the aptX-LL codec (for coding/decoding data), while the AS9S uses the FastStream codec. Both codecs can transfer audio with a virtually undetectable delay of only 40ms. Because of this both of them are ideal for TV/movies/video. However the Audition Pro outperforms the AS9S in audio quality, while the AS9S is better for video gaming as it supports music while calling.
  2. The Audition Pro supports NFC - the AS9S does not.
  3. The Audition Pro has a bass on/off feature - the AS9S does not. 
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