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Q: I use Avantree aptX Low Latency device. Why still experience audio delay?

AptX Low Latency works when BOTH sides of the wireless transmission (TX) / receiving (RX) are aptX LL supported. If one side supports aptX LL but the other side NOT, you will still experience audio delay. e.g.

  1. TX side - Smart TV with Bluetooth (not support aptX Low Latency); RX side - Audition Pro headphones
  2. TX side - Avantree transmitter such as Oasis series or Audikast. They support aptX LL; RX side - Beats or Bose headphones, not support aptX LL.

Here below are the audio delay level when communicating via different bluetooth codec:

Solution to achieve low audio delay:

1. Make sure both transmission and receiving side support aptX Low latency. Many Avantree products support low audio delay, not all. For CERTIFIED aptX Low Latency products, you can visit http://www.aptx.com/aptx-low-latency

2. More cost-effective solution - you can chose Avantree wireless TX-RX set: HT3189, HT4189, HT4186, DG59 set, HT5009, etc. They works under fast stream codec, and the audio delay is very similar to aptX Low Latency (40ms)


Q: What Avantree Productd support Low Audio Delay?

Most Avantree Bluetooth adapter, e.g. Priva series, Audikast, Oasis seres, Saturn Pro, Leaf, have incorporated the Qualcomm aptX Low Latency codec (aptX LL). 


Q: My headphone/speaker does not support aptX Low Latency, will my headphone/speaker work with Avantree transmitter? 

As long as your headphone/speaker is Bluetooth enabled, no matter aptX Low Latency supported or not, it will WORK with Avantree Bluetooth transmitter with the corresponding codec.  

You may refer to below table for the latency of different codec:


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