How to set Avantree headphones as default playback and recording device?


Sometimes, you can't hear sound for music and VOIP call even connected with PC successfully. It mostly because the connected headphones have not been set as default playback and recording device.

The following are operations for Windows system and Mac OS. Pairing name will vary according to your headphones you use.

For Windows 10 & Windows 8

  • Right-click on speaker icon, and click “Playback devices”
  • Please set Avantree headphones Hands-Free as a Default Communications Devices, and Avantree headphones Stereo as Default Device.                        
  • Now you can stream music or make a Skype call.

Normally Skype will auto select Avantree headphones Hands-Free as playback device during a call. If no sound from Skype, please double check the audio settings as below steps.


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