HT4186 - Guide - Use the NB16 headphone with other BT devices


Keywords: HT4186, NB16, headphone, cellphone, smart phone


Headphone NB16 can be separately used with cellphone, refer to this link for step-by-step instruction pls:

Pair and connect

  • Turn off the transmitter or bring the headphone out of valid working range with transmitter. 
  • Set headset to PAIRING MODE - From off status, hold  for about 5 seconds until LED flashes BLUE and RED alternately.


  • Activate Bluetooth on your device, search and select “Avantree HT4186” to connect. Once connected, LED will stay solid BLUE, you will hear a voice prompt “Your device is connected”.



Normally, when turning headset on, it will automatically reconnect to the last paired device. Otherwise, please connect it on the phone manually.


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