NB16 - Troubleshooting - No sound when switch between phone and transmitter


Keywords: NB16, neckband, multilink, dual link, transmitter, phone, no sound

Sometimes you may connect NB16 to your mobile phone to enjoy music and then connect it to your transmitter to enjoy TV shows. 

But NB16 headphones can only multilink two mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, not for PC and Bluetooth transmitter.

Because Bluetooth transmitter can't stop transmitting audio as long as it is powered on, if you have multilinked one mobile phone and one Bluetooth transmitter, there will be no sound coming out from NB16 headphones once you switch to the mobile phone.

If you want to use like this and you can't hear sound,

When switching from transmitter to mobile phone, please

  • TURN OFF the Bluetooth transmitter.
  • Turn NB16 headphones off and then on.
  • Connect it manually on the mobile phone.

When switching from mobile phone to transmitter, please

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