HT4186 - Guide - Add the 2nd pair of headphones


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Sure, you can add a 2nd pair of headphones to HT4186. 

To achieve no audio lag effect, your 2nd pair of headphones MUST also support FastStream codec with less than 40ms latency, otherwise BOTH headphones will work using SBC codec with about 200ms latency.

For headphones support FastStream codec, you may consider one of the following -

  • Avanrtree NB16,
  • Avanrtree HS063,
  • Avantree ANC031,
  • Avantree ANC032 

Adding a 2nd headphone to work with the HT4186: 

Step 1: Powering up the transmitter, then turn on the HT4186 headphones and transmitter - they will connect automatically.

Step 2: Enter the transmitter into PAIRING MODE manually - press and hold B for 2 seconds,  _____20180806120059.png close to B flashes BLUE and RED alternately.

Step 3: Place your 2nd set of headphones into Bluetooth PAIRING MODE (please refer to your 2nd headphones’ user manual).

Step 4: Keep the devices close to each other and wait. Once connected, _____20180806120059.png close to B on the transmitter will turn SOLID BLUE.


For Next Use, the 2nd headphones will also auto reconnect to the transmitter once turn on. Otherwise, click B once on the transmitter to initiate the reconnecting and _____20180806120059.png close to B flashes BLUE once per 2 seconds.

Troubleshooting: Why my second headphone does not have TV sound?

If your second headphone has connected to your cellphone before, now you connect the transmitter, then you will see connected, but no sound.  That is because the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is occupied by cellphone. 

To solve it , please make sure cellphone Bluetooth is turn off when watch TV. 

If still fails, please clear pairing history of second NB16,  then pairs again with transmitter by using button B 

how to clear pairing history of NB16 
After turning on, press and hold both “+” and “-” for 10 seconds until the RED and BLUE LEDs are BOTH on for 2 seconds (looks PINK) - now all the paired history of the headphones is cleared. It then enters pairing mode automatically with the LED flashing alternately RED and BLUE.

Here is the video guide of adding the 2nd pair of headphones.

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