ANC031 - Troubleshooting - Not working/Can't turn on


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There are TWO possibilities 

  1. The headphones battery is drained.
  2. The headphones are defective. 


     1. The headphones battery is drained.

If you hear a beep sound once a minute, you should recharge your headphones, Please plug it into a USB wall charger (DC 5V / 0.5-2A) or a powered computer USB port via attached micro USB cable. Normally it will take 2.5hours to fully charged, the LED will remain red when charging and will turn off when charging is complete. 



     2. The headphones are defective. 

  • If NO LED lights at all when charging
  • If NO LED lights at all when pressing ANC button
  • If NO LED lights at all when pressing and holding the power button for 5s

Note: You may not operate properly due to button installation issue. Please long press the power button for 3 seconds to power on the headphones then the LED shows BLUE

For more info about operations guide - 


If your headphones still not work after the above troubleshooting please feel free to contact with the product order number and LOT number, we'll arrange you a free 

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