Audikast - Troubleshooting - Wifi interference with Bluetooth


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Do NOT upgrade before you contact Avantree support team. 


1.If you found your Wifi signal is affected by the Audikast, then pls try to place the Audikast transmitter far away from your TV, the further the better. It would be better to connect the transmitter via a longer audio cable. 

2.If it interferes with the Wifi connection of my Amazon fire stick (2.4ghz). Amazon Fire and various similar sticks/boxes only support 5Ghz channels 36-48. If you have a dual band router and your router is set to auto channel, every time the router changes to a channel outside of this range the fire stick will no longer be able to see the network and will drop the connection. It will then re-connect at 2.4 Ghz. When the channel changes back to one the fire stick will recognize it may drop the connection again and change back to 5 Ghz.

The solution is to go in to your router's configuration and change the SSID of the 2.4 Ghz band to something different. Then change the 5 Ghz channel setting from auto to usually one of 36,40,44,48 (non-overlapping channels). Then reboot the fire stick.

If neither above does not help, you can update your firmware following below step-by-step instruction:

Step 1 Please download and install below app to your computer :



Step 2 Please download below file to your computer and remember your saved path:

Audikast(TC418) - class 2.dfu


Step 3 Follow below instruction step by step:

Audikast(TC418) - update to class 2 instruction.pdf



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