Audition Procast / AS9PA - Guide - ✼ How to build up the Broadcast Network?


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Broadcast Function can help you simultaneously share audio, and broadcast voice with up to 100 other AS9PA headphones by using the built-in Broadcast Function.

To use this function, you need to Select one AS9PA as the Master BROADCAST unit. The others will act as RECEIVER headphone units. Let's GO!! 

Note: If there is no sound this may indicate that the BROADCAST headphone has disconnected - please go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and select the “Avantree AS9PA” to manually re-establish a connection with the BROADCAST headphone unit.

Share Music  -

Audio played from the Master Broadcast Headphones source will now be shared with all connected RECEIVER headphones in your broadcast network. Please adjust the volume on the BROADCAST headphone as required.

Broadcast Voice –

Hold  for 2 seconds on the BROADCAST headphone to turn the microphone ON. The voice from the Master Broadcast Headphones' microphone will now be broadcast to the connected RECEIVER headphones. Hold for 2 seconds again to turn the microphone off.

 Exit Broadcast Network -

In Broadcast Mode, hold  5s to toggle the headphone function back to Bluetooth Mode


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