NB16 - Troubleshooting - one side sound is lower than the other side


keywords: Avantree, NB16, Bluetooth headphones, neckband, lower, sound

Key Questions to ask:

  1. When does this issue happen? From the very beginning that you got it? It is continuously like this or just occasionally? 
  2.  Did you clean the earbuds regularly? Suggest to clean it once every two weeks.
  3.  Do you use it for music or audiobooks? Could you try to change a song or a play application?
  4. When you feel one side sound is lower, could you try to adjust the headphone wearing to make sure that it is snugly fit? Then is it still the same? 
  5. Could you try to clear paired history? 

When you feel that one side sound is lower than the other. Normally it should because you didn't wear the headphones properly or the Bluetooth connection is not stable. 

Firstly, please make sure that the headphones if snugly fit. 

Secondly, Please try to clear paired history; then pair and connect again. 




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