CF3001 - Troubleshooting - No sound with microphone


1. Make sure that the working status shows blue. If it shows red, it is mute so the microphone can’t pick up any sound. Simply press the mute button to make the mic in working status.

2. Make sure Avantree CF3001 is selected as the default input device in both the System and software Preferences.

On a PC: Right-click on the in the task bar → Select Recording devices or Sounds → Go to Recording tab → Find and choose “Avantree CF3001” as Default Device.
On a Mac: Open System Preferences → Double click the  icon → Click Input button → Select the “Avantree CF3001” as the device for sound input.

3. Please connect the microphone to a native USB port. If you use USB hubs, make sure that the USB output current is adequate to provide enough power the microphone. If not, please try to remove the external peripherals of your hubs. Also try to change another USB port to check whether it work fine.

4. Also, make sure that you have an adequate amount of volume set and that the recording software you’re using supports a USB input device.

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