CK11 - Troubleshooting - Can't pair / connect?


1. If you have trouble connecting with your phone, try resetting the carkit and pair again.  See below:

Step 1 Set the CK11 to PAIRING MODE – press and hold the volume button for 3 second until the LED flashes BLUE and RED alternately.


Step 2 Double click the mute button – you will hear 2 beeps indicating a successful reset. Then it will automatically enter pairing mode.

Note: For successful connection, please also delete the paired information from your phone, refresh or reboot the Bluetooth and then re-pair with CK11.

2. If you want the CK11 linked to two phones simultaneously, first pair with one phone. Keep it connected and do not turn off the carkit. Enter the CK11 into pairing mode and pair with the second phone. See link below:

If still failed, please contact for further assistant. Thank you.

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