TC417 - Troubleshooting - Short range/audio cuts


TC417 works up to 30 feet, which may varies depending on specific environment.

If you experience a very short range, here are some troubleshooting tips. 

Solution 1: Reset BOTH devices and pair again -

Occasionally a Bluetooth pairing can connect but for some reason it's unstable. To fix this try clearing the pairing history of BOTH the Adapter and your Bluetooth enabled device.

Clear paired history of TC417

Please reset your other Bluetooth device (headphones/speaker) also according to your user manual. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP.

If you are not sure how to and cannot find the manual, pls search with your device 'brand+model+clear pairing history' and most likely you can find it there.


Solution 2: Move away any potential Wireless Interference Devices 

Other wireless devices in the vicinity of the Adapter may be affecting its range. To check whether this is the case try isolating the Adapter by temporarily turning off all other nearby wireless devices such as an Apple TV, a Chromecast stick, a Roku stick, any other RF audio transmitters etc.

Except short range, WIFI router will also cause static sound.

Move away from these devices or use extend cable to keep 1m / 3 feet in between. 


Solution 3: Check the Operation range of the other Bluetooth device 

Work range is decided by devices on BOTH ends. TWS earbuds and other small, compact devices often have miniaturized internal antennae which can impact the overall range. Please test the work range of the other end device is ok - test it with your smart phone. 


Solution 4: Avoid Physical Obstructions 

Operation range can be affected by physical obstructions (walls, people, etc.)

Try to keep the space between the Adapter and the receiver antenna clear and ideally, within LINE of SIGHT of each other. We know this is hard in some houses. Wireless signals travels like lights and bounces on walls. You may test different placements to achieve the best result.

Do not place the Adapter behind your TV or sound bar.


Solution 5. Make sure your receiving / transmitter Bluetooth device is not interfered by other Bluetooth device

Sometimes, if your Bluetooth headphone is under multi-link, e.g. also linked or try to reconnect with a previous paired cellphone, it will impact the connection also. So you can double check and make sure other Bluetooth devices are all turned off. 

If you successfully clear paired history of both devices, this issue should be excluded.


Solution 6: Test and confirm the audio cut is not caused by internet speed limit

If you experience audio cuts when watching an online source, pls test again with local source and see whether the range issue still exist. If not, the cause of the issue could be internet speed related.


Solution 7. Separate those cables.

Keep the audio cable connecting the transmitter and your audio source separate from other cables, do not tangle it with other cables, e.g. TV power cable.


If above solutions do not help, there is a chance the Adapter you have is an outlier item. We will then arrange to send you a replacement. Pls contact asap for this then. 




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