Oasis - Guide - Transmitter - How to connect to TV?



Power up

Connect Oasis to TV USB slot with USB charging cable, then it will auto power on / off when your TV is on / off.

Connect Oasis to TV audio

Important Note: Select the correct audio input mode (AUX / OPT) by short press button.

Option A:  TV with AUX audio out

Connect Oasis AUX input to TV 3.5mm audio out with 3.5mm audio cable.

Option B : TV with RCA audio out

Connect Oasis AUX input to TV RCA output with 3.5mm audio cable and RCA audio cable.

Option C : TV with optical audio out

Connect Oasis optical input to TV optical output with optical cable.

( Important note: Please set your TV audio as PCM or LPCM format as Oasis doesn't support Dolby or DTS format)

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