TC417 - Guide - How to pair with your Bluetooth headphones?


Turn on the TC417: Press and hold MFB button for 3 seconds until you see GREEN light.  


Set the TC417 to TX mode: Slide TX/RX switch to “TX” position.



Enter the TC417 into PAIRING MODE: On first use, the TC417 will enter pairing mode automatically. The LED indicator will flash GREEN. Alternatively, press and hold the PAIR button for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode.


Connecting: During the pairing process, keep the devices close to each other and wait. Once connected, LED indicator stays SOLID GREEN.



For Next Use: 

NO need to re-pair the transmitter and headphones for each use. The transmitter will ALWAYS auto reconnect to the last paired device within 5-10 seconds after powering on both devices. Alternatively, restart both the transmitter and headphones and wait 5 -10 seconds for them to reconnect.


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