TWS110 - Troubleshooting - Audio cut / Connection lost


Here are some tips you can try:

For android phones:how to fix your android bluetooth connection problems

For Iphones and ipads :how to fix ios bluetooth connection issues

For windows:how to fix windows bluetooth audio quality problems

For Mac book:how to fix Mac book Bluetooth audio issues

If all of the above did not work, could you help us to answering the following questions so that we could figure out what's going on.

1. How often does the audio cut out happen? Let's say it cuts out 3-4 times within 2-3 minutes (Usually a song would last for 3 minutes or so), or just randomly cut.

2. How long does the audio lost last each time ? 1-2 seconds or up to few minutes?

3. In what circumstances do you usually experience sound cut out?  Here are a few examples:

  • The earbuds are covered with something thick, solid etc. Let's say when you try to adjust/fine the position on your ear, or put your mobile phone in the back pocket of your pants, or inner pocket of some warm clothes.
  •  When you walk through a space with concrete walls while the the phone is left far away.


-There is a known problem with Bluetooth across the body, especially for true wireless earbuds and that’s why we recommend having the transmitter receiver side(Right earbud) of the headphones on the same side of the phone connected to them.(Please refer to below image)


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