Oasis - Troubleshooting - Reconnect


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There's no need to re-pair the Oasis each time.

It will auto reconnect to the LAST paired headphone/receiver once you power on both devices and wait for 5-10 seconds. Otherwise, turn off and on both devices again.

For dual link, it's recommended to turn on the headphones/receivers first, then after 5-10s, turn on the transmitter. Please don’t turn on the Oasis and headphones/receivers at the same time. If still only one device is reconnected successfully after waiting 5-10s, please press the MFB button /pairing button of the headphones/receivers once to stimulate the process or manually enter BOTH devices into PAIRING MODE.

If second device is connected but no sound, you can try to change the reconnect order. For example, turn off both devices, then turn on the second device first, then turn on the first device.

NOTE: If the 2nd headphone is Plantronics, ensure FIRST turn on the Plantronics to reconnect to the Oasis, then turn on other headphone. Otherwise, Plantronics headphone cannot successfully reconnect to the Oasis. Because Plantronics use HFP to auto reconnect, the other headphone will use the ONLY one HFP the Oasis has if it auto reconnects to Oasis first, then Plantronics cannot auto reconnect to Oasis. 


If any more help needed, you may contact support@avantree.com for help.


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