CF3001 - Guide - How to Use with Windows 7/8/10 PC


1. Right-click on the  in the task bar → Select Recording devices or Sounds.
2. Go to Recording tab → Find and choose “Avantree CF3001” as Default Device.

3. Some app also need to set microphone input device in app.

E.g Skype:  Settings → Audio & Video → Microphone → Select "Avantree CF3001".
4. Now you can use this USB microphone to recording or make a call.(Sound from your default speaker of your computer)

If you want to use a headphone/speaker with CF3001, following the bellow setting:

1. Connect headphones/speaker to the headphone jack on CF3001.

2. Right-click on the in the task bar → Select Playback devices or Sounds.

3. Go to Playback tab → Find and choose “Avantree CF3001” as Default Device or output device.

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