HT4186 - Troubleshooting - Can't charge


Keywords: HT4186, headphones, can't, charge


The transmitter Audikast does NOT have battery. So it doesn't need to be charged. It only needS to be powered by the giving USB cable. The bluetooth headphone NB16 comes with built-in battery and needs to be charged regularly. Please insert the giving USB cable into USB charging port. It's covered by a cap. 

Please charge the headphones if you hear the “low battery” voice prompt. You can charge using a phone charger (5V/500mA-2A output), PC USB port, TV USB port or any other USB outlet using the included USB cable. It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the headphones. The LED will turn RED during charging and turn off once charging is complete.

 If the headphone cannot get charged, there are 2 external reasons that may cause the issue:

  • Faulty USB charging cable
  • Faulty Power source

So, before we arrange the replacement to you, please help check below points 

1. Please change another workable USB charging cable to see if it works.

2. Please change another power source like PC USB port or a mobile phone adapter.

If above 2 reasons are excluded, please contact for free replacement as long as the device is still under warranty period.


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