HT5009 - Guide - Add the 2nd pair of headphones


NOTE: Since the Oasis Plus doesn't support aptX HD while dual link, we suggest you switch to "LL" mode for a more stable connection when linking with 2 headphones.

Step 1:  Turn on HT5009 transmitter and headphone set.

Step 2:  Enter the transmitter into PAIRING MODE manually – press and hold the Bluetooth icon for 2 seconds, “TX” LED will start flashing GREEN and WHITE alternately.


Step 3:  Place your 2nd set of headphones into Bluetooth PAIRING MODE (Please refer to your 2nd headphone’s user manual).

Step 4:  Keep the devices close to each other and wait. Once connected. You will hear voice prompt “Connected. Ready for use.” Once succeeded, you will find LEDs A and B to both be lit.


For Next Use, please turn on AS9S headphone (comes from the package)first, both headphones will auto reconnect to the transmitter once turned on. If turn on AS9S later, please press MFB button on AS9S once to reconnect.

How to connect BT headphones of popular headphones on the market? 

For Bose, Beats headphones, please follow above steps.

For Sony headphones, pair, connect, please follow above steps. But please double click Sony headphones' touch panel when reconnect.

For Plantronics headphones, pair and connect, please follow above steps.  When reconnect, please turn on Plantronics headphones first, once connected, then turn on AS9S headphones.

Here is video guide of adding the 2nd pair of headphones


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